Different Semi-Trucks to Invest in for Your Mechanic School

Posted on: 21 July 2016

If you own or help operate a school for truck mechanics, you may need to start with simulation learning and book learning before you move on to the hands-on education. For your higher-level truck-mechanics classes, learning how to fix semi-trucks is a usable skill. Knowing how to fix a semi-truck can provide an auto mechanic with more knowledge and more possible business. There are also trucking companies that will hire on-staff mechanics to maintain and keep up their company semi-trucks.
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3 Reasons To Choose An Enclosed Vehicle Shipping Service

Posted on: 11 July 2016

If you are planning on having your car transported professionally -- such as if you are moving to another state and will not be driving to your new home -- you might be shopping around to find the best vehicle transport service. There are a lot of vehicle transport services out there, and they all do things a little differently. One big difference is the type of truck that each company uses to transport the vehicles.
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Learn A Few Things Mechanic Checks During A Vehicle Inspection

Posted on: 4 May 2016

If you have noticed that the inspection on your car is going to expire in the near future, you need to schedule to have a mechanic do a new inspection as soon as possible. You have until the very last day of the month that is shown on the inspection sticker that is posted on your vehicle. When you take a vehicle to be inspected at an auto center, there are key areas that the mechanic checks to ensure that the vehicle works properly.
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Maintaining And Protecting Your Auto Glass: The 411

Posted on: 20 October 2015

Your car's windshields and windows are some of the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle. They are subject to being scratched and sullied by a variety of objects, such as rocks, pebbles, dirt and even insect bodies. Keeping your auto glass clean and protected from harm is not just about appearances; it's a safety issue as well. After all, if your windshield is dirty or scratched, your vision could be impaired while driving. Here is a closer look at how to keep your auto glass well maintained.
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